Temporary furniture

In special situations, e.g. seminars, press conferences, training sessions, etc, it doesn't make economic sense to buy high quality furniture. Such furniture is needed for a short period of time and is used seldom. For these kinds of situations we offer flexible conditions for furniture rent.

Besides, to make sure that our clients are able to work in their office immediately we have a stock of more than 100 workstations that is available free of charge at customers' request.

Планування офісного простору
Space planning
Управління проектом
Project management
Дизайн інтер'єру
Interior design
Архітектурні послуги
Architectural services
Тимчасові меблі та оренда меблів
Temporary furniture
Обслуговування офісу
Maintenance Services
Оздоблення і ремонт
Fit out and Construction
Складські послуги
Консультації з декорування офісу
Переїзд і перепланування
Move management