At some stage of its development, each company is sure to experience the need of warehousing and storage services. This is especially true when the company needs to reorganize, move or simply change the corporate style.

Our extensive experience of serving companies from different fields has shown that sometimes these changes can negatively influence the work processes continuity. That is why we are sure that in addition to moving services, you can also entrust us the warehousing and storage of your assets such as temporarily redundant furniture, equipment or anything else distracting you from your main tasks.

Планування офісного простору
Space planning
Управління проектом
Project management
Дизайн інтер'єру
Interior design
Архітектурні послуги
Architectural services
Тимчасові меблі та оренда меблів
Temporary furniture
Обслуговування офісу
Maintenance Services
Оздоблення і ремонт
Fit out and Construction
Складські послуги
Консультації з декорування офісу
Переїзд і перепланування
Move management